“The bistrot is an island, a break from the norm…it responds to our irrational desire to let life go on with its time constraints, its programs, its grey attire. The bistrot is a small theater, one of the last in the city, where customers are the actors, striking up conversation with strangers, where real encounters happen. It is a vision of life, a way to slow it down, but far from being lazy; the kitchen is necessarily busy, while organization and collaboration are needed in the buzzing dining area. A bistrot is all this, an enchantment, a solemn yet joyful hymn...”

Bistrot, Bertrand Auboyneau - Francois Simon

A small gem located in one of the most arty and eclectic boroughs of Milan, where the customers’ conversations and cheerful chatter are the soundtrack to any time of the day. A place to stop, an urban oasis where comfort is to be found in the slow sip of a cup of coffee, in a lunch date with a friend, an intimate dinner or in the color of a flower bouquet that attracted our eyes and that we just have to take home.
The Fioraio Bianchi is not only about eating; take a look at the flooring, search out the most hidden details, enjoy the delicate flower tinges.

• SEATING CAPACITY: 30 pax circa


• ROOMS: two adjacent rooms