Menu & Carta dei vini


Mini sandwiches
Tramezzino sandwich with ham, mustard in grains and fresh salads 
Tramezzino sandwich with bresaola, goat creamy cheese and rocket salad
Piadina with prosciutto raw ham, certosa cream chesse and rocket salad 
Piadina with grilled zucchini, brie cheese and cocktail sauce
Focaccia with ham, mozzarella and Taggiasca olives pate 
Double Toast with mixed vegetables 

Fioraio Bianchi Caffé swordfish rolls 
Fish and chips 
Roastbeef with crunchy celery and parmesan sauce
Vacum Mini hamburgher with chips  
Chickpeas croquette with mixed vegetables and yogurt sauce
Fresh salad with shrimps, squids, avocado and steamed vegetablesProsciutto Crudo San Giacomo “ with tigelle

Dark chocolate Brownie 


“Can you imagine a bistrot without wine? Wine is the magic wand of the bistrot,
it makes it alive, it feeds conversation, opens appetites and spirits. ”.

Bistrot, Bertrand Auboyneau - Francois Simon

At the Fioraio Bianchi Caffè, wine has various declinations: conversational wines, served standing at the counter, while at the table, a different approach, a rich cellar offers a selection of particular and sought out labels, both Italian and international. Here is a small selection.


Teran 2011 (Refosco) - Zidarich 
Etna Rosso 2014 (N. Mascalese) - G. Russo
Pulin 2012 (Grenache Syrah) - Tenuta Bruna
Nebbiolo delle Langhe 2012 - L. Sandrone


Vor Beg (Pinot Bianco) 2013 - C. Terlan 
Derthona “Timorasso” 2014 - Vigneti Massa
Pinot Bianco 2015 - Doro Princic
Lugana 2014 - Olivini 


Mineral 2005 (Extra Brut) - Agrapart 
Extra Brut (Blanc D’Argile) - Vouette & Sorbée