“The bistro is an enclave of our century, an interlude… it answers to our desire for the irrational, to let life flow out of here with its schedules, its programs, its gray clothes. A bistro is a small theater, one of the last in the city where customers come on stage and talk with strangers, where real encounters take place. It is a way of seeing the world, of slowing it down, but that does not mean laziness because in the kitchen you have to work hard, in the dining room you have to organize and help.
In a bistro there is all this: a spell, a hymn at the same time solemn and light…”

Bistrot, Bertrand Auboyneau – Francois Simon

A small jewel in one of the most artistic and eclectic districts of Milan where the conversations and the cheerful shouting of the customers are a soundtrack to all moments of the day.

A place to stop, an oasis even if urban, where you can find the comfort of a coffee sipped slowly, a lunch with a friend, an intimate dinner, the color of a bouquet of flowers to which we have been attracted and that we can’t help but take home.

At Fioraio Bianchi Caffè the sight does not stop just on the plate, the game continues on the floor, in the most hidden details of the walls, in the shades of the flowers.

SEATS: about 28 pax STANDING

PLACES: maximum 35 pax

ROOMS: two communicating rooms