Plat du jour

Menù Fioraio


Cooked thigh of Nebrodi pork, parmesan croquettes and red fruit jam

Roasted octopus tentacles, cream of peas, confit cherry tomatoes and potato chips

Green and white asparagus, soft egg and Parmesan fondue

First Courses

Carrot and ginger soup, curly kale and crunchy ricotta cheese quenelle  

Spaghettone “Benedetto Cavalieri” with turnip greens, Cantabrian anchovies and provolone cheese fondue 

“Riserva San Massimo” rice creamed with purple cabbage, crispy speck and saffron cream

Ricotta cheese and lemon ravioli with zucchini cream and raw red prawns 

Second Courses

Fioraio swordfish rolls

Fioraio mixed fried fish

Amberjack steak, Neapolitan endive and Taggiasca olives sauce

Beef sirloin “Macelleria Oberto” sautéed asparagus and cardoncelli 

Duck breast and thigh, dark potatoes, brussels sprouts and currant sauce 


Creme Bruleè with wild berries

Fioraio’s Monte Bianco 

Ricotta cake and pears with creamy dark chocolate

Chocolate Bavarian cream with fior di latte ice cream and mango sauce

“Cooking is a love story. You have to fall in love with the products and then with people who cook them.

Alain Ducasse