Plat du jour

Menù Fioraio


Aromatic mesclun, steamed prawns, avocado and crunchy primo sale 

Asparagus flan, Parmesan fondue and crunchy pork cheek 

“San Daniele” raw ham, gnocco fritto, fig jam and balsamic vinegar 

First Courses

Peas soup, roasted cuttlefish and saffron potatoes 

“Riserva San Massimo” rice with tomato sauce, raw red prawns and burrata cream 

Spaghettone “Benedetto Cavalieri” with clams and mullet roe

Eggplant parmigiana ravioli with basil cream and slices of pecorino cheese 

Second Courses

Fioraio swordfish rolls

Fioraio mixed fried fish

Slice of turbot with eggplant, roasted tomato and pesto

Lamb ribs with sautéed vegetable and mint sauce 

Veal loin in thyme crust, duchesse potatoes and roasted aparagus  


Creme Bruleè with vanilla

Cardamom pinepple carpaccio with lemon sorbet 

Mascarpone and pistachio semifreddo with raspberry sauce 

Chocolate brownie with hazelnut ice cream 

“Cooking is a love story. You have to fall in love with the products and then with people who cook them.

Alain Ducasse