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Simpaticum, The mixed version of Unicum Riserva

Designed by Dimitrios Papageorgiu, Bartender of Fioraio Bianchi Caffè Milano

The hints of medicinal herbs and Tokaji Aszu from Unicum Riserva find the perfect combination with the freshness of digestif.


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 Milan, May 31 2022

Unicum is the bitter that made history in Hungary: distilled for the first time by Dr. Zwack in 1790, it was baptized by Emperor Joseph II who as legend said after tasting it, defined it as unicum.
Since then, the Zwack family has handed down the recipe, which is still a secret.

The history of Unicum and the Zwack family has always been related to Italy. From today, in addition to the iconic Unicum digestive brazenly bitter. Unicum Riserva, whose primary innovation starts with the production process, followed by two distinct old methods and the final addition of Tokaji Aszu.

Perfect to be enjoyed even on the rocks, Unicum Riserva also lends itself to mixing.
We asked Dimitrios Papageorgiu, a Greek bartender at Fioraio Bianchi Caffè to reinterpret Unicum Riserva in a mixology key.
That’s how Simpaticum was born.

“As a Barman, I have always been looking for particular tastes and scents, never predictable, and with Unicum Riserva I enjoyed looking for the perfect combination with other ingredients. Tasting the new Hungarian amaro, enriched by the honeyed notes of Tokaji Aszu, together with the freshness of the Bitter, with its citrus scents. I tasted the perfect contrast with the hints of medicinal herbs and gentian. Just a sour note was missing, which I added with a splash of lime. Freshly and friendly, it’s Simpaticum! “.

Dimitrios Papageorgiu, Fioraio Bianchi Caffè

Technique: Shake and Strain

Preparation: put ¾ of ice in a shaker, add 2.5 cl of Unicum Riserva, 2 cl of Bitter, 1 cl of fresh lime. Shake strongly and then strain into a previously cooled cup.

Simpaticum, a sparkling bright red wine, is the unexpected digestive drink: perfect as an aperitivo or even after meals.
Unicum Riserva is available in a limited edition in the main restaurants, wine shops and e-commerce platforms. The rounded design of the bottle reminds of it.
The recommended price is € 39.80.

Zwack Unicum Plc. 

The history of Zwack Unicum Plc., Leader of the Hungarian alcohol production and distribution industry, is strongly connect to its iconic brand, Unicum.
The first distillery in Pest was founded by József Zwack in Erzsébet square before being moved to Budapest in Soroksári street in 1892. The company is currently run by Sándor and Izabella Zwack, who represent the sixth generation of the family.
Zwack Unicum Plc. offers a wide variety of products, but Unicum is still its leading brand. The liqueur is distilled with over 40 different herbs and spices, based on family recipes that have been kept secret for over 225 years. In addition to that: after the launch in 2017 of Unicum Plum, tradition and innovation in production processes were essential.
The company produces several Hungarian alcohol brands, such as St. Hubertus, Fütyülős, Kalinka, Zwack Sándor Noble Pálinka and Vilmos.

Illva Saronno SpA 

ILLVA SARONNO is known for DISARONNO, one of the most famous Italian liqueurs in the world. Disaronno is distributed in over 160 countries and represents the image and taste of Made in Italy throughout the world. In Illva Saronno’s product portfolio, there are other highly prestigious brands such as: TIA MARIA, THE BUSKER, ARTIC, ISOLABELLA, ZUCCA, AURUM.

In Italy Illva distributes Unicum amaro, Quintessential Brand gins and El Charro Tequila. Illva Saronno stands out for its qualitative excellence, its ability to anticipate trends and interpret consumer tastes.

Drink responsibly!


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